Panalight s.p.a. is The European leader in film and TV equipment rental. The company was founded in 1990 and has since gone from strength to strength in its efforts to perfect its already excellent service to clients, whilst offering them the most advanced and up to date equipment on the market, worldwide.

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With a highly specialised core staff, fully acquainted with (and passionate about) developments in new techniques and evolving technology, the Panalight group can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding directors and DP’s.

In 2008 the company established new branches in Milan and Bucharest, as well as creating a new Digital centre in partnership with Cinecittà’s studios, where ‘dream makers’ can find every available kind of H.D camera and enjoy a range of completely new digital shooting systems. In 2011 Panalight continued to strengthen its role as a Market leader with the establishment of a new branch in Malta

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